Hi! My name is Ryan Ragozine! I’m a Christian philosopher and a Christian theologian—a thinking Christian. We all have our presuppositions, and we all have a particular lens that we view the world through. Mine is Christianity. Yours may not be, and that is perfectly okay! This podcast isn’t for thinking Christians in particular, but for all thinkers. When I reflect on the nature and purpose of Thinker Sensitive, three things come to mind. First, Thinker Sensitive is about “thinking better.” Part of this involves being aware of our presuppositions, but so much more is involved as well. If you are someone who has grown weary of reasoning that is driven by bias, prejudice, partisanship, and personal agendas, then I think this might be a place for you! Second, Thinker Sensitive is about “thinking together.” If you are a life-long learner or if you are still developing your viewpoints and worldview or if you want to be exposed to different perspectives, then this a place for you! Join Thinker Sensitive to think together in community with others. Finally, Thinker Sensitive is about "life’s most important issues." If you want to pursue truth, as far as it can be found and no matter where it may lead, then this is a podcast designed for you! If you are a person who likes to think through, talk through, and work through challenging topics of substance and depth, then Thinker Sensitive will most likely be your kind of place!

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